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Constant Cravings

Constant Cravings - Tracey H. Kitts A disappointing read with some awkward dialogue, minimal romantic/sexual conflict and a plot resolution that lacked significant tension or suspense. The hero was like-able enough, as were several of the supporting characters - with the exception of the werewolf alpha who didn't ring true for me on a number of levels. The heroine's voice is inconsistent throughout the story. I couldn't get enough of a handle on her as a person to decide whether I liked or disliked her and that isn't the mark of a successful character.

There is a lot of exposition with large amounts of dialogue explaining everything to the clueless heroine who helpfully asks all the questions the reader needs answered.

I have to admit to being seriously weirded out during the first sex scene when our heroine asks our hero to choke her. The first time she's intimate with this guy, having perfectly vanilla sex and she goes there? It flowed like frozen yoghurt doesn't.

There were odd moments of enjoyable prose scattered throughout the book and some of the character interactions are amusing. As it is, it has some appeal as a quick, undemanding read.