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Out of the Woods - Syd McGinley About thirty pages into this I started having flashbacks to The Gate To Women's Country. I'd been feeling a bit meh about the story but when I shifted my headspace to read it as specfic rather than erotica it became an entirely different creature.

The world building was thorough and consistent and the characters were compelling. Other reviewers have mentioned how uncomfortable they found the idea of rounding up vulnerable, feral boys to use as servants and sexual companions. I agree and if dubious consent rings your bells stay away from this one. Again, an SF reading rather than an Erotica reading considers the consent issues from a completely different perspective, because there are a lot of people in this book of many ranks who are forced into actions they don't want to do for the good of the community.

This was, on the whole, an interesting story with some very likable characters. Tarin is a delight - naive but definitely not simple or powerless. The setting is relatively bland but believable and nothing jangled as out of place or unlikely. At times I found the sex gratuitous and intrusive and I often found myself flipping over to get back to the plot.

Overall, I enjoyed Out of the Woods and I'll be looking out for the sequel.