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Enraptured - Elisabeth Naughton I have mixed feelings about this one. I really enjoyed the story, liked the way it picked up elements from earlier books, even liked a few characters better in this one than I did in their own stories but the point-of-view jumping in the first part of the book was almost enough to make this a DNF.

It wasn't just a little bit irritating - it was seriously intrusive. I just wanted to go back to the main characters and explore the story through their experiences. Thankfully, about a third of the way through the book the storyline settled, and I could enjoy the developing relationship between Orpheus and Skyla.

Aside from that, this book has every item on the checklist for a stock standard paramance - interfering previously-main-characters, hurt/comfort alpha male angst, betrayal-that-is-really-just-a-misundertanding, a brotherhood of damaged and emotionally unavailable but extraordinarily well built men. If you sense that maybe I think this series veers into the derivative and banal, you may be right. This is not a book crammed full of original interpretation of the genre. However, it is a ripping story with enough action, adventure and heat to last the distance.