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Blood and Bullets - James R. Tuck Not without flaws. There's a lot of 'too-good-to-be-true' floating around. Deacon. His friends. The set up at the strip club. It had a bit of a larger than life, comic book feel to it to tell the truth. The pacing is a bit wonky - some parts drag, other parts seem a bit glossed over and rushed. And the music riff got old real quick.

Once you get past that, Deacon is kick ass and his internal monologue is thoroughly entertaining. I'm a sucker for a kill-em-all-let-god-sort-em-out gorefest and this had just enough in the way of character and witty repartee to join all the stabby bits together into a coherent story.

The shout out at the beginning to every vampire hunter in popular culture was just enough on this side of groan to be enjoyable, and Father Mulcahey (heh - been watching MASH reruns so this made me disproportionately happy) rocks the house.

I'm marking this one down as a guilty pleasure and giving it four stars. Don't judge me.