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Hammered - Kevin Hearne I'm really enjoying almost everything about this series. I like Atticus, I like his dog, I like his apprentice. I am, at times, a little baffled by why his lawyers seem to feel Atticus is obligated to them morally but I guess a hero can't have a good angst unless he feels like he's letting someone down and to do that he must owe someone something. Even if that something feels vague and manufactured.

But that's not my gripe. My real problem with this series is that if it was that easy to kill gods/godlets/legendary immortal creatures, why hasn't it been done before? Atticus falls into a bit of a Harry Dresden catch-22 here. He's simply too powerful to make any threats seem credible.

There's a part of me that struggles when authors start to kill off familiar deities. It rings my 'suspension of disbelief' bell. I felt quite dissociated from the plot because I couldn't bring myself to really believe it was possible. YMMV.

Having said that, this is another rollicking yarn with good guys, bad guys, morally ambiguous guys and the ending was surprising enough that I honestly didn't see it coming. Which is cool. Four stars and one of those is just for Oberon.