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By a Thread - Jennifer Estep I've stuck with this series for six books because they're quick, easy reads. By book three the author stopped referring to every character by both names (and titles, Detective Donovan Caine...) every time they were mentioned so I figured things were looking up.

However, by the end of book six the dialogue is still clunky and awkward (bad guy threatens innocent victim - "But I think it’s going to be quite a bit more serious than that now just to make sure our boss’s wishes are coming through loud and clear"), there is still page upon page of rehashing prior events, and Gin is still no closer to anything that resembles meaningful character development. Gin tells us that she's developed, but in fact there's not a lot in her actions to back that up.

Which I guess summarises a lot of my issues with this series. Gin tells us a lot of stuff that simply isn't reflected in the action that happens. This disconnect between what the author believes, and tells us ad nauseum, about Gin and her actions, and what her actions actually show is too wide to ignore.

This series has a great premise and it kept me reading long after my gut told me to give up. Unfortunately the writing simply doesn't live up to the promise of the ideas behind it.