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Dark and Disorderly - Bernita Harris I thoroughly enjoyed Dark and Disorderly. The characters are well crafted and their interactions are realistic. The developing relationship between Johnny and Lillie is deliciously and realistically angsty.

I have to admit to being a little uneasy at how often Johnny showed up to rescue Lillie, but it was a minor detraction from a plot that clipped along nicely with a suitably tense conclusion.

As soon as I finished reading the book, I headed here to find the next one in the series, as accustomed as I am to urban fantasies coming in sets, only to discover there wasn't one. And this is a major issue for me - knowing that there was all the set-up for a second book (i.e. tonnes of unresolved everything) but with only a 2 year old suggestion from the author that there is one in the offing to be found on the net... had I known this beforehand, I may well have decided not to read it until there was something more concrete known about further books. I won't read abandoned series if I know about them beforehand. They offend me on so many levels. (Ruins of Ambrai, I'm looking at you!)

In summary: great story, believable characters with absolutely realistic flaws, lovely build up of tension to a satisfying showdown, but too much left unresolved.