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The Immortals - J.T. Ellison Considering that I gave book 4 one star because I thought it was awful, I approached book 5 with some prejudice. And was thoroughly surprised.

The pacing and structure of this one was superior to any of the previous books in the series, the characters were better rounded and the professional tensions were much less contrived.

Unlike previous books, I never found myself confused with how Taylor had put the pieces of this mystery together to get a particular answer and none of the minor characters made me cringe.

I did get the feeling that the author tried a little too hard to give a balanced view of Wicca, Goth and vampirism. Having a convenient token-anything new member of the team that can pull out suitable experience with the subculture du jour will get old relatively quickly.

Baldwin's flashbacks were really valuable. I was really pissed off when Taylor simply accepted all his secret keeping in previous books, after her 'men suck because they can't be trusted' diatribes. He tells her he's been lying to her for months and she goes 'meh, okay, nevermind.' If she does it again with the new information we got in the flashbacks, Imma start believing she has some sort of personality disorder.

Best point of the book was the lack of Memphis Highsmythe. Please, please, please let him get too close to the Pretender and end up a smear on some white marble somewhere.