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Stripped Bear - Tressie Lockwood Seriously? The book is about a woman whose HEA is with two men and the blurb is relying on vulgar value judgments like 'the local slut'? I just threw up a little in my mouth. Like this woman fucking more than one man is okay because they're going to be in luuuurve but that one offends my delicate sensibilities because she only does it for her own pleasure. Holy shit, how much progress have we made in the past sixty years? We don't need men to treat us like whores anymore because we do it to each other.

Do not want! Will not read.

Any book that uses a phrase like 'the local slut' in the blurb does not respect you, your body or your right to screw whothefuckever you want and enjoy every dirty screaming second of it. I choose to buy books that do.