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Rapture - J.R. Ward I was absolutely ready to give this five stars. The romance is romancey, the action is actiony and the heroes are heroey.

I really enjoyed the novel and it took me a little while to work out why I wasn't happier about that. I'm just not entirely sure I like the direction Ward is taking the characters and the series. I mean, gosh, Jim has God living with him, cleverly disguised as Dog. Nigel pops in periodically to keep Davina from interfering. Let's think about that for a moment, shall we? Nigel just... drops in to stop Davina from breaking the rules. Because she's never broken the rules before, right?

There's a pattern emerging that I'm not liking. There's only so much deus ex machina I will accept. I can handle all sorts of bizarre shit in a paranormal word as long as it's internally consistent. When an author starts making up the rules as they go along or changing them halfway through, it smacks of bad planning or bad writing. And I will be thoroughly disappointed if this starts to become a habit.