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Aloha from Hell - Richard Kadrey This series just keeps getting more and more fucked up and I'm not complaining. It's just a glorious, dysfunctional gorefest and you kinda lose track of the plot but the story doesn't matter so much as the story telling which is over the top and wild and colourful.

I love Kadrey's take on hell. I love the supporting characters. Mason absolutely makes sense to me, even if I hate his guts. The settings are gloriously rendered. The pacing doesn't miss a beat. The humour is dark and snarky and delicious.

This book, indeed the whole series, will not be for everyone. Bad stuff happens. When it does it is usually graphically described. The first face scene was particularly disturbing. Even the sex is violent and destructive. Every character in the series is morally ambiguous and untrustworthy. That's the point.

This isn't one of those books where the lead male is angsty and dark because he's so badly damaged from fighting the good fight to protect those weaker than himself. There's some of that in Stark but at heart, Stark will protect what is important to Stark and fuck everything else. It's refreshing in its honesty, and it makes Stark more real and believable - you never have to question his motivation and all his actions are consistent with that motivation.

At book three the series is still making me laugh out loud, read snarky one liners out to whoever is sitting next to me, and keeping me reading until 2 in the morning. That says it all, really.