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Nightlife - Rob Thurman Not quite willing to give this four stars but it was knocking on the door.

Cal is a great narrator for a novel in first person - his voice is completely unreliable for the entire length of the book. His life is so skewed you can't believe a thing that comes out of his head. Having to interpret Cal's thoughts and actions makes for a much more interesting ride.

So why only three stars? Two things. First, that old bugbear portrayal-of-female-characters. There are three types of women in the book. Distracting romantic entanglements. Selfish and useless. Betrayers. And all three put Cal at risk at some point. The unsympathetic portrayal of all womankind reads like SPN fanfic without the incest.

Which leads us nicely to thing two. There's inspiration and then there's derivation. I was prepared to ignore the glaring similarities to Sam and Dean but the older brother's otherworldly sidekick with homoerotic overtones was just a bit too close to the original subject matter.

With a smidge less borrowing of characters and scorn for women who interfere with the purity of the brother's relationship I would have been happy to five star this one. As it is, it relied too heavily on both the best and worst of SPN and didn't rely enough on original material. I'm coming pretty late to the party on this one, what is the series up to, 8 now? and book one has enough potential to keep me reading on to see if the issues I have are addressed further down the track.