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Madhouse - Rob Thurman Is anyone else finding George a) annoying as hell, b) completely unreasonable, c) badly written or d) all of the above?

This is my one criticism of this instalment. Cal tells us a lot about George - or rather he says the same things over and over again - but we rarely experience her directly. And we know Cal is not a reliable narrator. George's reactions, given what Cal has gone through for her and her refusal to give him the reassurance he needs, play out as vindictive and manipulative, despite the excuses Cal makes for her behaviour. The way that situation was left read like a YA romance breakup. And I'm reading it thinking it was about goddamn time. Cal dodged a bullet on that one and I'd be happy if George just fades away and is never mentioned again. I'm not holding my breath for that though. The worst thing about YA breakups is that they never stick, not when it's twoo wuv.

George aside, the rest of the book was thoroughly enjoyable. I really liked the humanising of the boggle but I'm not sure what the peri add to the story yet. They're kind of just there to look pretty and get in the way right now and that's a waste of some pretty powerful creatures. Ah well, something to look forward to, I guess.