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Blackout - Rob Thurman I'm really enjoying watching this series mature and fans will really enjoy this instalment. It provides all the angst, conflicted fraternal co-dependence and thoroughly unlikeable and intrusive female characters we have come to expect from the series.

Cal spends most of this book trying to work out what is more important to him - his personal happiness, or his relationship with Niko. Seriously? Did anyone not see how that one was going to end up?

The epilogue wasn't done well. I mean, I got it, I understood where it came from but like a lot of the secondary stories in the series the resolution was, quite literally, tacked on at the end. Because there was so little build up, the actions Cal took seemed really brutal. If he had even once seriosuly considered it as an option during the book I might have been more inclined to see it something more than just a set up for the next book. I mean, I assume it was a set up for the next book - if it had been any blunter I could have bludgeoned someone to death with it.

So, more than four stars but not quite five. It was let down by the patchy approach to that secondary storyline and the predictable resolution of the first.

Absolutely worth reading for the first couple of chapters alone. Cal's confusion and attempts to puzzle out his life were some of my favourite scenes in the series so far. The whole fork thing lost its humour after about the 25th time it was referenced but at the beginning there, it was funny as hell.