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Doubletake - Rob Thurman I have a question. Why wasn't Cal taken away from his mother and locked in a cage with the others? And also, meh.

The contribution of women plummeted to an all time low with Promise present for an entire scene in which she said and contributed nothing and was referred to, I think, twice. The most important part played by women in this book was the captive succubae farm. So we're back to women being a necessary evil in this world - objects the author can use to push the plot along, and to be discarded (violently and somewhat bizarrely) or ignored when they threaten the relationship between Cal and Niko.

And about that. I don't know about anyone else, but I get it. Cal and Niko are close. Closer than two brothers have any right to be. Awkwardly, disturbingly close. They're close. I. Fucking. Get. It. This far through the series I do not need Cal waxing lyrical for paaaaages about how close he and Niko are for me to understand that he and Niko are close.

I wasn't particularly impressed with this one. I keep hoping Thurman will develop a well rounded female character but this far in I'm pretty sure it's not going to happen and that's relaly disappointing.