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Monster Hunter International - Larry Correia There was a bit much right-wing subtext at times but all in all this was a fun, testosterone-driven read. I could have done without a lot of the gun porn, mostly because it was all a bit of a blur and meant nothing to me past 'oh, look he's disturbingly attracted to another firearm.' YMMV.

Oh, and contractions. Apparently right-wing, gun-lovin', ass-slappin', save-the-world types are too fucking cool to use contractions when they talk. But to be fair, Owen is pretty damn cool and some of his bitchy slap downs with the feds are delightfully written.

I love the treatment of monsters as monsters. Not troubled, sexy superhumans. There is room for individuals to rise above their condition but the world of MHI is predicated on monsters being the bad guys. It's a classic that never goes out of style.

It would have been more enjoyable without all the bullshit political undercurrents but I'm still willing to give it four stars (rounded up from 3.5 because Holly is a BAMF.)