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Game of Cages - Harry Connolly DNF.

As much as I enjoyed Child of Fire, I spent quite a bit of the book wondering what the hell was going on. After the initial WTFery the book was thoroughly engaging.

Game of Cages hasn't moved past the WTF stage and I've spent about a hundred pages waiting for someone to explain something. Anything. I pushed on because book one improved but this one...not so much.

The new ice-bitch-who-despises-our-hero-and-treats-him-like-shit has even less personality than the last one. The background characters with their quirky hero-given nicknames are just a big, baffling melting pot of assholes and redshirts.

The only character I really like in this whole series is the ghost knife.

I really wanted to like this one but there was too much mysterious mysteries of mystery with no end in sight.