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Crossed: A Void City Novel - J. F. Lewis I'm going to have to admit to starting to get a bit bored with the endless flawporn that is the Void City series. Just once I'd like to see some character development happening. This is different to character change - lots of the characters have changed - and it's non-existent in this series.

It just seems that, having struck on a successful formula - monstrous behaviour consisting almost entirely of hyper-sexualised abuse and violence - Lewis is loathe to allow any of the characters to evolve for fear that development of moral fibre (or half a brain) might cause them to spontaneously combust.

Of course even if they did, they wouldn't die because no-one in this series fucking dies. Or they die, and then they still don't go the fuck away. Hark, was that the sound of yet another series tripping over a pet peeve? Perhaps Void City has been watching too much Vampire Diaires...

The next book gets about 50 pages to sharpen up before I give up on the series.