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Enslaved - Elisabeth Naughton While this was an enjoyable enough read, there were a couple things that kept it from 4 stars. The first is, I'm finding this series a bit tricky to follow when I pick it up again - I spend the first hundred pages just remembering who's up who and who's not paying. I've been trying to work out why, and I think it's because it has a large cast of characters whose voices are quite samey. The women in particular tend to meld together in my head because once their plotline is over they all tend to get relegated to 'strong and nurturing supporter'.

Second, I hatehatehate when the major romantic conflict is a "yes, I agreed to the heinous deal that fucked you over but I didn't go through with it even though it looks a lot like I did." I hate it almost as much as I hate those lame hero-made-a-bet-but-didn't-plan-on-falling-in-love plotlines. Other readers might find these sorts of contrived conflict tropes perfectly functional and enjoyable - ymmv.

Gryphon is a great character when he's all dark and broody but, like so many of these tortured heroes, just comes across as a bit castrated once the dust settles and his reason for angstiness is resolved.

All that aside, fans of the series are unlikely to be disappointed with this instalment. The resolution of one particular plot line is satisfying enough to make up for a number of flaws.