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Odd Thomas - Dean Koontz I have to admit to putting off starting this series because I was sulking about Ride the Storm. I hate when authors start a series and don't finish it, and I am not above boycotting new series by the author until the promised instalment is delivered. (Ruins of Ambrai, anyone?) I don't have the same philosophical aversion to reading new stand alones by the author, which probably maps a great deal of my psychological terrain.

However, Odd Thomas has been on my radar for some time and Ride the Storm, unfortunately, appears to have completely fallen off any radar. So I have capitulated.

Odd Thomas follows a very typical Koontz formula but seems to lack the depth and complexity of some of his other works. The black room, and everything that went along with it, didn't contribute anything and was just a waste of an incredibly creepy scene. I kept expecting it to come back into play and so the end of the book came on quite abruptly.

As a character, Odd reads as much older than 20 and this was incredibly distracting. I did like the acceptance of his ability by the Chief. Gratitude and empathy are not what a reader of UF comes to expect from LEOs when they interact with heroes who have special abilities.

All in all, a four star read. The ending was a little obvious but quite satisfyingly unsettled. I will absolutely be starting the second book as soon as I can get my hands on it.