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Forever Odd  - Dean Koontz Parts of this were pure gold - when Odd admitted to having kept the monster card... so much awww. But parts were not so much. You know that saying about suspension of disbelief not meaning hanging it by the neck until dead? Yeah. Datura. There were some truly creepy scenes, don't get me wrong, but... really? The phone sex and the mountain lion and the phone sex?

3 stars because I didn't hate it, I just found it some parts of the plot really hard to accept. The scene where Datura taunts the ghost, on the other hand, is worth a star all to itself for sheer cruelty. I felt as tortured and impotent as the poor ghost, not able to reach out and tear that crazy bitch's face off.

So. A bit of a mixed bag but on the whole, still an enjoyable read. And I will definitely be starting on book 3 once I'm done with my current read.