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Wolf with Benefits - Shelly Laurenston There's a lot going on in this book - lots of characters, lots of action, lots of laughs. It bordered on too much of a good thing for me at times - the whole series is OTT but this one just seemed a bit manic, like it was trying a bit hard. It felt like the book tried to include too many cameos from others in the series and the romance between Toni and Ricky Lee seemed to lose some momentum because of it. The way Toni dealt with her family, and the difficulties she had letting go of her responsibilities were spot on, though, and totally believable.

One thing I thoroughly enjoy about this series is that it isn't afraid to resolve conflict in a brutal and often permanent kind of way. There's no touchy feely bullshit about people seeing the error of their ways, or family being more important than revenge. Nope, this is an animalistic society that doesn't piss about when it comes to putting down threats.

One thing I'm not enjoying so much is Bo the Robot. At the end of BBB, Bo comes across as actually just a regular guy. He has that great discussion with Blayne where he explains himself and comes across as quite rational and understandable. Since then, he's been a bit 2d - used for comic relief and cleaning. No sign of that depth or the sense of humour we saw when he was winding his uncle up (my girlfriend Blayne says...). I'm disappointed that the only time we see him now he's either a jerk or being used for his OCD. And yeah, I know this wasn't his story and he's had his fifteen minutes, but he's my favourite of all the Pride heroes. Ricky Lee is funny and cute and all, but he's no Bo Novikov.

All in all, Wolf With Benefits is an enjoyable addition to the Pride series. It delivered all the humour and craziness expected in a Pride book with engaging characters and a believable (for this world) antagonist. It's a keeper that will go into the read-again pile with the other Pride books.