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Lover at Last - J.R. Ward You know how you wish you could go back and read your favourite book for the first time again because reading it for the first time was that fucking awesome? Yeah, well, I wish I could go back and not read this one at all.

Like so many others I was thoroughly looking forward to this. The angst and the feels and the angst... So much angst. I fucking squeed when I had it in my hands.

But this wasn't the book I was hoping for. There were some gorgeous moments but on the whole, I felt really let down. The emotional intensity that has characterised this relationship from the start was missing, replaced by bad timing cliches and poor communication. Blay's coming out was barf-inducing and kind of insulting. And the resolution was rushed and pretty damn weak.

I need to say now, for the record, that the whole drug dealer/power struggle storyline bores the motherloving shit out of me and I wish there was a comprehensive list of secondary characters on the net because, oh my god, who the fuck are these people and why am I being jerked out of otp land for this? Also, Layla needs to grow a personality or die in a fire.

There are a lot of secondary plotlines that seem to be set-ups for later books and I get that, I do, but they have always been the weakest parts of the series and they are gratuitously distracting in this instalment.

Overall, I was really disappointed with the quality of the story telling in Lover At Last. Blay and Qhuinn deserved better.